• SUNDAY Services  9AM // 10:45am

    We invite you to join us this Sunday for one of our weekend services. You can grab a cup of coffee, participate in engaging music, and hear a inspiring message from one of our pastors. During each service, we have an exciting children's program, Summit Kids, available to you as well. 

  • teaching series Begins Sunday

    Most of the sports we love are spectator sports. We may enjoy playing an occasional game, but very few people actually develop the skill to play at a professional level. Christianity should be different! If our faith begins and ends with attending a weekly church service, then we are merely spectators. This series will help us understand how to "Get in the Game" of disciple-making.

  • Can DRIVE throughout March

    Help us live out our values of GOSPEL and GENEROSITY by supporting one of our ministry partners, Hope Ministries. We're collecting large #10 cans of food so that we can stock their pantry as they provide meals for those in need in our community. Simply bring your donations to Summit Church on Sundays or during business hours during the week. 

  • LEnt devotional Going on now

    During Lent in 2019, we are sharing 7 video-devotionals that focus on making room for God to speak and to work in our lives. We're excited to have Alyssa Mezsick sharing these devotional thoughts, along with resources like scriptures, stories, songs and activities that can help you and your family refocus your attention on God. 

  • Financial Peace for Teens Begins march 10

    Financial Peace for Teens is a nine-lesson money management class taught via video by America’s leading financial experts: Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan. Students will meet at Four Flags Hotel, at 10:45AM. This class is intended for High School-aged students. Pastor Chuck will be facilitating.  Cost for the class is $10/student. Register here.

  • Men, Women, & Money Begins March 10

    Money and relationships can be messy. Couples aren't taught how to talk about money, but more than that, they aren't taught that money isn't just about numbers. Getting in sync with your spouse is the first step toward having good conversations about money. They will meet at Four Flags Hotel at 10:45AM. Register here.

  • Baptism class march 31

    Baptism is a picture of the change that occurs in us when we accept Christ as our Savior...If you are interested in being baptized at Summit, Register for our next baptism class on Sunday, March 31. You will learn about the importance and the meaning of baptism at Summit Church. Register here.

  • Coffee with the staff April 7

    Are you new to Summit Church? We want to meet you and your family! Join us to enjoy coffee and meet the church staff after the second service in the Gathering Area (fireside) on Sunday, April 7. 

  • Baptism Celebrations April 28

    Baptism is the celebration and recognition of a life that has and is being transformed by Jesus Christ. When we celebrate baptism within our worship services they are uniquely powerful. Be sure to celebrate with us on April 28. If you're interested in baptism, register here for the class.

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