For many weeks, our church did not in person due to COVID-19. But, we have safely returned to in-person worship. While all of our plans beyond our Sunday morning gatherings remain fluid, we are excited to be moving forward. We are now hosting in-person, live worship services each Sunday morning, with an online option on Sunday evenings.

Along with meeting again comes an opportunity for us to demonstrate love for one another and to the world. We are living in a time when there is a wide range of opinions concerning the return to in-person gatherings and how that should be done. Overwhelmingly, we have heard a desire to get back to in-person church and the strong value placed on being together in community. Moving forward, we must show grace to each other and show the world the unity that can be found in Christ, even among our diversity. 

Regardless of the positions you hold concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, every person and every family will have to make decisions that are best for their situation. We respect whatever decision you make, and we are working hard to create worship options that support that range of decisions.

Here is what our in-person worship will look like:

  • We currently have three in-person services at 8:30AM, 10AM, and 11:30AM.
  • Summit Kids programming resumes for 4-year-olds through 4th grade on February 7 during the 10AM service. Kids are also always welcome in our services.
  • We have an unstaffed nursery open in Room 102 where you can watch and hear the service via TV.
  • Chairs are spaced into family groupings in the Worship Center.
  • Wearing masks indoors is highly recommended, but not required.
  • Kids activity sheets and crayons will be available for families.
  • Services will be approximately 60 minutes.

Precautions we are taking:

  • If you are not feeling well or are uncomfortable coming to the building, please worship with us online. (We will stream our recorded worship service at 6PM on Sunday evenings on YouTube.)
  • While a few Sunday morning offsite classes for adults have resumed, our Sunday morning preteen class has not.
  • High-contact areas like bathrooms, door handles, countertops and furniture will be wiped down before and after services. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the building.
  • Church staff and our greeting volunteers will be wearing masks.
  • Our greeter team will great you with a smile and a wave.
  • Entry doors will either be propped open or held by a volunteer.
  • In place of Summit Notes handouts, information is made available on our Summit App. 
  • We have installed new touch-free giving boxes in our Worship Center. Offering plates will not be passed. 

Frequently asked questions

 Are there some people who should not attend the service?

Maybe. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you have been asked to quarantine, you are not feeling well, or you are uncomfortable coming back to the building, please worship with us online. 

What if I am in a high risk category?

Those in a high risk category are encouraged to use wisdom and discernment about their decision on how to participate. We encourage you to make a decision based on your situation, and if concerned, we encourage you to err on the side of caution.

How will parking be handled?

Our parking procedures will not be different than usual. You may use whatever entrance you prefer, and you may drop off at the carport if needed. 

Am I required to wear a mask or face covering?

The CDC recommends wearing a face mask, but this is not a requirement. Children under 2 should not wear a mask.

Will I be the only one wearing a mask?

In an effort to honor the concerns of each person, Summit Staff and our greeting volunteers will be wearing masks.

I love to shake hands/hug. Will Sunday be hard for me?

Yes. As difficult as it may be, we ask you to put your normal responses on hold for the comfort of others. Please do not let this contact-free interaction discourage fellowship and the excitement of being together again!

I like to hang around and visit after the services. Is that a problem?

We encourage fellowship. It's one of the reasons we gather together. But because there are multiple services, it may be more appropriate to have those longer interactions outdoors. 

It sounds like this is fear-based? Doesn't that contradict Scripture?

The guidelines we have established are not based on fear. They are based on wisdom and grace toward others. We have sought the counsel of the Summit Elders and leaders and have diligently researched best practices. 

What if I disagree with the guidelines?

This is a great time to display Christian maturity, humility, and grace. The Bible teaches there are times that we put aside our liberties for the sake of others (1 Corinthians 8, 10:24, Philippians 2:4). We all need to be cautious in our words, both spoken and written. We believe that we can have unity even in the midst of diversity.

What do Summit Youth and Preteen look like at this time?

Because of the different scenarios each of those groups pose, they will have different answers to that question. The leaders of each of those groups communicate the details concerning their in-person gatherings on their web pages, our Summit App, and through their regular avenues of communication.

How long are we going to have to worship this way?

That's a great question. Your Summit leadership will be diligent to monitor these uncertain times, and we will make adjustments as we feel appropriate. We are hopeful that these changes are temporary and that much of what we value for community and fellowship can be restored. In the meantime, we ask for grace.