begins Oct 13

On October 13, we begin a new kind of teaching series that was designed specifically for groups. The messages we hear on Sundays will challenge and inspire us, but they are only the beginning. Each week, videos and guided group conversations will take us deeper into each topic and help us grasp a greater vision for our church and for your role in it.

About the series:

What is the modern church supposed to look like? What does it mean to be a part of a church? We want to be a church that God wants! So we are digging into Scripture to find what that looks like. The characteristics of the early church described in Scripture display foundational truths that will challenge our perspective on being part of a collective body of Christ in the 21st Century. 

A series for groups

If you are not currently in a group, we have a place for you. The Sunday Evening Life Group is open to all, has childcare available (register your kids), and will take place right here at the church.

If you are currently in a life group, your group will be meeting during these 5 weeks to watch video and have guided conversation. Are you a group facilitator? Make sure your group is registered

Week 1 Group Guide

Week 2 Group Guide

Week 3 Group Guide

Week 4 Group Guide

Week 5 Group Guide

Group videos

Each week, these videos support the Life Group discussions and help you take the topics deeper. Group facilitators will show these videos before the guided discussions.