Our leadership


We are a congregational church. That means that YOU are the real ministers of our church. The church staff is here to help equip our congregation to serve, not to serve the congregation. That means that you have an active role among us!


That also means that the people of our church, through God's leadership, determine the direction we go. The congregation also elects elders to provide more direct spiritual oversight and to support the staff and ministry leaders in our church.

Our current elders are: 

Mike Holtgren

Chris Jankoviak

Jeff Mann

Dan Metzger

Dan Miller

Brad Neese

Shawn Oltz


Below you'll find our church staff, descriptions of the areas they oversee, and a link to their email.

  • Dan Miller Lead Pastor

    Pastor Dan and his wife, Rhonda, came to Niles in 1992. They have three children, Kayte, Dayleigh, and Ben. As the Lead Pastor, Dan provides spiritual direction for the church, along with our Elders. He is one of the primary teaching pastors, he oversees the church staff, and is passionate about equipping the local church to lead people to follow Christ. Email Dan

  • Brad Neese Associate Pastor

    Pastor Brad joined our pastoral team in March of 2016. Brad and his wife, Crystal, have four children: Elianah, Caleb, Elizabeth and Samuel. Before coming to Summit, Brad served as the teaching pastor of a nearby church. Brad's role will include serving as a teaching pastor as well as overseeing several other areas.  He desires to live a gospel-centered life and to lead people to follow Jesus Christ. Email Brad

  • Caleb Hoskins Worship Pastor

    Pastor Caleb and his wife, Jacene, came to Niles in 2007. They have a daughter, Maya, and a son, Evan. Caleb is the primary worship leader at Summit. He oversees the worship arts, including music, art, and technology. Email Caleb


    Pastor Chuck and his wife, Gabi, came to Summit in 2013. They have three daughters, Kelanie, Emma, and Sofie. As Student Ministry Pastor, Chuck oversees students 6th grade through high school, as well as a team of volunteers with a passion to reach students for Christ. They work closely with parents to help students live out their faith. Email Chuck

  • kayte hatch Connections director

    As Summit's full-time Connections Director, Kayte oversees ministries that work to connect the people of Summit and our community. She is passionate about creating welcoming environments for guests, and equipping people to grow from first-time guests to active and engaged members of the Summit Church body.  Email Kayte

  • Zac Canfield Children's ministry director

    Zac joined our team in November of 2016 as the full-time Children's Ministry Director. Previously, Zac served with Life Action in several areas including children's ministry. Zac and his wife, Elaine, have a son, Kai, with a second child on the way. Email Zac

  • Doris Ruppert CHILDREN'S Ministry assistant

    Doris is our part-time Children's ministry assistant. Her main role is developing teaching material in Summit Kids. She works directly with our teachers, so that they are best equipped to teach the gospel to our kids.

  • Danielle Gipson Ministry Assistant

    Danielle is a part-time Ministry Assistant at Summit. She and her husband Joseph have two children, Oscar and Anabelle. Their family has been a part of our church for several years, and Danielle joined our staff in September of 2016. Email Danielle

  • Nikole Gonzalez Financial Assistant

    Nikole joined our team in December of 2016 as a part-time Financial Assistant. Nikole and her husband, Manny, have two children, Nikolaus and Isaak. They have been a part of our church since August of 2016. Email Nikole

  • Andrea Neumayer Ministry ASSISTANT

    Andrea Neumayer joined our team in June of 2017 as a part-time Ministry Assistant sharing her time as a seasonal Upward Secretary and a Student Ministry Intern. Andrea recently graduated from Bethel College and is passionate about student ministry, worship ministry and church administration. Email Andrea

  • Tom Maxwell Missions Pastor

    Tom joined our team in the Summer of 2017 as the volunteer Missions Pastor. Tom and his wife, Lisa, have four daughters, Adriana, Alexie, Alayna, and Annalise. He oversees our missions team and will be working on new projects like short-term missions and disaster response. Email Tom

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7