• SUNDAY Services  9AM // 10:45am

    We invite you to join us this Sunday for one of our weekend services. You can grab a cup of coffee, participate in engaging music, and hear a inspiring message from one of our pastors. During each service, we have an exciting children's program, Summit Kids, available to you as well. 

  • For the Love of God CurrenT Teaching series

    We were created to love God. We are commanded to love God. But there are so many times in our lives—moments, days, seasons, years—when we love something (or someone) else instead. So, how can we think what we think, feel what we feel, say what we say and do what we do all for the love of God? Join us next Sunday for Week 2 of the series!

  • Summit SErves Class FEBRUARY 24

    There are many Summit teams and ministries that serve in our church, our community, and even around the world. Serving is a big part of Leading People to Follow Christ. Summit Serves is a two-part class that will help you find places to serve that are a good fit for you. Register here for the class. 

  • SErve Day March 3

    On the afternoon of March 3, our church will be joining together to serve our community. Service projects are being lined up now and more details are coming soon on how you can be involved! Find out more.

  • Financial Peace for Teens Begins march 10

    Financial Peace for Teens is a nine-lesson money management class taught by America’s leading financial experts: Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan. They will meet at Four Flags Hotel, at 10:45AM and is intended for High School-aged students and older. Cost for the class is $10/student. Register here.

  • Men, Women, & Money Begins March 10

    Money and relationships can be messy. Couples aren't taught how to talk about money, but more than that, they aren't taught that money isn't just about numbers. Getting in sync with your spouse is the first step toward having good conversations about money. They will meet at Four Flags Hotel at 10:45AM. Register here.

  • Coffee with the staff April 7

    Are you new to Summit Church? We want to meet you and your family! Join us to enjoy coffee and meet the church staff after the second service in the Gathering Area (fireside) on Sunday, April 7. 

Summit Chuch App

The best way to stay connected with our church family and events is through our Summit Church App. It's available for Android and Apple mobile devices. Stay connected through push notifications, follow a message series and take notes, and register for events with the click of a button.