Summit Preteen


Summit Preteen meets weekly on Wednesdays in Room 107 at Summit Church from 6:30PM-8PM during the school year and from 6-7:30PM during our summer months. This is a ministry for preteens currently in 5th and 6th grade. We believe this age group is in a unique stage of life as they learn how to take their faith, identity, and purpose into the real world. We lead preteens to follow Christ through engaging games, teaching and a time of small groups. For more information, please email Bradley Grennier

Our lesson series in December is called "O' Come" and is designed to help preteens center their hearts around Christ during the Christmas season.

November 30 - Thanksgiving Feast - 6:30-8PM

December 7 - Teaching Night - 6:30-8PM

December 10 - Christmas Party - 1-4PM

December 14 - Teaching Night - 6:30-8PM

December 21 No Preteen - Enjoy Christmas break

December 24 - Christmas Eve Services -2PM, 3:30PM, 5PM

December 28 - No Preteen - Enjoy Christmas break

Preteens are also encouraged to join us every Sunday for our worship celebrations at 9AM or 10:45AM, as well as on YouTube at 6PM.

Upcoming Events

  • O' COME  //  Lesson Series

    In December, we are preparing our hearts to be centered around Christ this holiday season. All 5th & 6th graders are invited to join us as we learn what it looked like for the world to be waiting for the coming of Christ and what it looks like for us to wait for His return. This is a series you wont want to miss!

  • Thanksgiving Feast  //  Nov 30

    Join us for Summit Preteen on November 30 at 6:30PM for a Thanksgiving Feast. As a group, we will be celebrating the season of Thanksgiving together by sharing a great meal! Every student is encouraged to invitie friends to share in this tasty event. 

  • Christmas Party  //  Dec 10

    On December 10 from 1-4PM, Preteen is hosting a Christmas party at Summit. Join us for fun games, tasty food, and great prizes! We are so excited to celebrate the season, and your student won't want to miss this event! Register here today! 


This happens through a three-step process:


By bridging the foundation of the Christian faith to real life, we help preteens move from concrete learning to abstract thinking and application.


We help preteens develop Christ-centered relationships that will help them grow in their faith and live out God-created community.  


Jesus was a servant and calls us to be the same. We put others' needs ahead of our own by giving time and resources to each other, our community, and beyond.

Preteen Facebook Group

Are you in the preteen Facebook group? This is a private group for preteens and parents to interact with each other, and get news and updates for this ministry.

How do you join? Get in touch with Pastor Bradley on Facebook or FB Messenger and he will get you connected.