Summit Preteen

COVID-19 Update

Preteen students in 5th & 6th grade are invited to join us every Wednesday throughout the Fall from 6:30-8:00PM. We're doing our best to share resources and make connection points online so that our preteen students can still learn, grow and encourage each other during this time. However, due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in our area, there are few changes to Summit Preteen for the next few weeks.


November 18 - Meeting Virtual

November 25 - Not Meeting (Thanksgiving) 

December 2 - Meeting Virtual


Our virtual meetings will be premiered through the Summit Church YouTube channel at 6:30PM and will be 30 minutes. Please join us and use the chat feature to stay connected.  


Preteens are also encouraged to join us every Sunday for our worship celebrations: 8:30AM, 10AM and 11:30AM as well as on YouTube at 6PM.

In light of the current situation surrounding COVID-19, here are a few of the precautionary steps we are taking during our fall in-person programming:

  1. As weather permits, we continue to meet outside.
  2. The snacks we provide for our students are all pre-packaged.
  3. We encourage parents and students to use their own discretion when it comes to participating in our gatherings, and we welcome any student to wear a mask if they so desire.
  4. If we are moved inside due to weather, our adult leaders will wear masks.
  5. There may be situations or certain interactions where we may ask for students to wear masks. If this is the case, we will attempt to clearly communicate this to you.


Preteen Facebook Group

Are you in the preteen Facebook group? This is a private group for preteens and parents to interact with each other, and get news and updates for this ministry.

How do you join? Get in touch with Nakita Walter on Facebook or FB Messenger and she'll get you connected. 


  • Wednesday Night Preteen Every Wednesday 6:30-8 PM

    Wednesday Night Preteen challenges 5th and 6th grade students to believe and live out the Gospel in their lives. This group setting encourages Preteens to connect and have fun while fostering deeper conversations. Preteens meet at Summit Church from 6:30-8PM each Wednesday. Any changes to our in-person programming will be communicated on our website and Summit App. 


This happens through a three-step process:


By bridging the foundation of the Christian faith to real life, we help preteens move from concrete learning to abstract thinking and application.


We help preteens develop Christ-centered relationships that will help them grow in their faith and live out God-created community.  


Jesus was a servant and calls us to be the same. We put others' needs ahead of our own by giving time and resources to each other, our community, and beyond.