Summit Preteen

Leading Preteens to Follow Christ

This happens through a three-step process:


By bridging the foundation of the Christian faith to real life, we help preteens move from concrete learning to abstract thinking and application.


We help preteens develop Christ-centered relationships that will help them grow in their faith and live out God-created community.  


Jesus was a servant and calls us to be the same. We put others' needs ahead of our own by giving time and resources to each other, our community, and beyond.

Join us for Sunday morning worship at 9:00AM and then Preteen Class at 10:45AM.


FLYTE is a two year Bible study curriculum for preteens ages 10-12, one that speaks to what they’re dealing with right now - not what’s past or in their future. Preteen experts - namely, preteens themselves - weighed in on the energy, movement, and excitement of FYLTE during its development so that key biblical concepts are not only grasped, but applied, to issues like eating disorders, puberty, sex, bullying, emotions, family relationships, etc.

Unit 3: Family

     Nov 18 - What is a Perfect family?

     Nov 26 - Is my Family Broken? 

     Dec 3 - Is there Hope for My Family?

     Dec 10 - How can My Family Work Together? 

Upcoming events

  • Preteen class

    Preteen class meets in Meeting Room B at 10:45AM on Sunday mornings. Dynamic biblical teaching, group games, and snacks! What more could you ask for? 

  • Wednesday Small group

    Come join us for small group time at Director Zac's house. Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30PM. Get to know other students and enjoy bible study together!