Summit Preteen

Leading Preteens to Follow Christ

This happens through a three-step process:


By bridging the foundation of the Christian faith to real life, we help preteens move from concrete learning to abstract thinking and application.


We help preteens develop Christ-centered relationships that will help them grow in their faith and live out God-created community.  


Jesus was a servant and calls us to be the same. We put others' needs ahead of our own by giving time and resources to each other, our community, and beyond.

Join us for Sunday morning class at 9:00AM (during the school year) and then stay for worship service at 10:45AM!

Upcoming events

  • 7th Grade rite of passage - august 29

    If you've completed 6th grade, we want to celebrate with you and call you up into the world of Youth Ministry! This transition is important and we want to prepare you for what's ahead. This night will consist of dinner out with Director Zac and Pastor Chuck, and time around a campfire with your parents. Register soon HERE!

  • Sunday Morning Class - Begins September 8

    First class for Fall of 2019 will be on promotion Sunday, September 8. Preteen Class meets Sunday Mornings during first service (9AM) throughout the school year in Meeting Room B with Mike and Lydia Baker. This class will help preteens work through truths about God, the Christian faith, and what they are dealing with right now - issues like bullying, emotions, and family relationships.

  • Wednesday Small group

    During this time, students will be challenged to believe and live out the Gospel in their lives. This is a small group setting where conversations and questions are highly encouraged. For more details download our Summit Church App or email us here.