Our leadership


We are a congregational church. That means that YOU are the real ministers of our church. The church staff is here to help equip our congregation to serve, not to serve the congregation. That means that YOU have an active role among us!


Our staff helps to plan, organize, and oversee the ministries of our church. Below you will find our church staff and descriptions of the areas they oversee.

  • Nikole Gonzalez ministry Assistant

    Nikole joined our team in December of 2016 and is a full-time Ministry Assistant. Nikole and her husband, Manny, have three children: Alex, Nikolaus and Isaak. They have been a part of our church since 2016.

  • Danielle Gipson ministry Assistant

    Danielle is full-time Ministry Assistant at Summit. She and her husband Joseph have two children: Oscar and Anabelle. Their family has been a part of our church since 2013, and Danielle joined our staff in September of 2016.

  • John MacDonald Ministry Assistant-Finance

    John joined the staff as a part-time Ministry Assistant-Finance in January 2023. He and his wife Sue have attended Summit for many years. John has served on Team Nehemiah, the Finance Team, and can be seen many Sunday mornings playing bass on the Worship Team.

  • Jared Sergio Ministry assistant

    Jared started as an intern at Summit Church in January 2021. He has attended Summit Church his entire life. He is a part time Ministry Assistant working on Student Ministry, Worship Arts, and Graphic Design.

  • Nakita Walter uPWARD Soccer League Director

    Nakita and her husband Ryan came to Summit in 2018. They have 3 children: Laina, Reniya, and Dakota. As part-time seasonal Upward Soccer League Director, Nakita works behind the scenes to help our Upward Soccer program run smoothly.

  • Ellen Morse Summit kids assistant director

    Ellen joined our staff in 2021 as a part-time Summit Kids Assistant Director. She and her husband Gabe have been a part of Summit Church since 2016 and they have seven children: Caleb, Ben, Morgan, Isabelle, Elise, Sophia, and Evie. 

  • Amy Stuglik summit kids director

    Amy joined our staff as the full-time Summit Kids Director in June 2023. Amy and her husband Dan have one daughter, Charlotte, and have attended Summit Church for many years.

  • Kristin Chabot Connections Director

    Kristin Chabot joined our team in October of 2018 as a part-time Connections Director. Kristin oversees the Connect Team and Meals Ministry. Kristin and her husband, Browning, have three daughters, Piper, Reese and Josie. They have been a part of our Summit Church family since 2011.

  • Bradley Grennier Summit Youth Pastor

    Bradley joined our staff in 2022 as full-time Summit Youth Pastor. Bradley graduated from Grace College in Indiana in December of 2019. He and his wife Summer have been married since 2021.

  • kayte hatch Executive Pastor

    Pastor Kayte joined the staff in 2015, and has been attending Summit her entire life. She and her husband Jordan have two sons: Everett & Jayce. Kayte oversees the office and provides administrative support to many ministries at Summit Church.

  • Caleb Hoskins Worship Pastor

    Pastor Caleb and his wife, Jacene, came to Niles in 2007. They have three children: Maya, Evan, and Isla. Caleb is the primary worship leader at Summit. He oversees the worship arts, including music, design, and technology.

  • CHUCK ZOOK  associate PASTOR

    Pastor Chuck and his wife, Gabi, came to Summit in 2013. They have four daughters: Kelanie, Emma, Sofie, and Lina. Chuck served in Student Ministry at Summit for 7 years, and is now taking on a new role as an Associate Pastor, focusing on teaching, worship, and groups. He likes meat. 

  • Dan Miller Lead Pastor

    Pastor Dan and his wife, Rhonda, came to Niles in 1992. They have three children: Kayte, Dayleigh, and Ben. As the Lead Pastor, Dan provides spiritual direction for the church, along with our Elders. He is one of the primary teaching pastors, he oversees the church staff, and is passionate about equipping the local church to lead people to follow Christ.


The people of our church, through God's leadership, determine the direction we go. The congregation elects elders to provide more direct spiritual oversight and to support the staff and ministry leaders in our church.

  • Dr. Dan Metzger

    Dr. Metzger is a physician at Southwestern Medical Clinic, and previously served as a missionary doctor in West Africa for six years. Dan and his wife Elaine have one son, and have been a part of Summit Church since the 90's. Dan has served in many areas at Summit including teaching classes, small groups, and men's ministry.

  • Chris Jankoviak

    Chris is the Director of Sales at Network Solutions in Granger and serves on the Governance Board of the North Central District of the Missionary Church. Chris and his wife Mandy, and their six children have attended & served at Summit for many years. Chris has served at Summit in many areas including preaching, teaching, and student and men's ministries.

  • Eric Hoppstock

    Eric is the Superintendent of Berrien RESA Schools. He and his wife Liane have two children. The Hoppstocks have been a part of Summit since the 90's. Eric has served Summit in many ways over the years including teaching classes, finance team, missions team, and Team Nehemiah.

  • Daniel Snow

    Daniel is a small business owner and Income Tax Practitioner for individuals and businesses. Daniel and his wife Amanda have 4 children. Daniel grew up in Summit Church, and has served in many areas, including the finance team, teaching classes, and leading a small group.

  • Jerry McClearen

    Jerry is a Michigan State Trooper in the Motor Carrier Division. He and his wife Becca have two boys, and have attended our church since Jerry was placed in Niles in 2015. Jerry & Becca both serve on the Summit Youth leadership team.

  • Terry Sheeley

    Terry is an Equipment Operator for a local excavating and construction company. He and his wife Rachel have two boys. Their family has attended Summit more than ten years, and Terry has served in many positions including Summit Kids, Upward Soccer, and our Facility Team. 

  • Travis Bolyard

    Travis is a Procurement Forester and Log Buyer in the Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois area. Travis and his wife Jodi have two children and have attended Summit for several years. They both serve on the Summit Youth leadership team.

  • Shawn Oltz

    Shawn is a Department Chair and Instructor of Engineering and Smart Manufacturing at Ivy Tech Community College. Shawn and his wife Amy have three children. He currently serves as a Sunday morning Study Group leader. The Oltz family has been attending since 2002.

  • Jeff Mann

    Jeff is a missionary with Life Action Ministries and has been with them for more than 25 years. He currently works at Life Action Camp. He and his wife Maria have four kids. Jeff serves on our Worship Team, but has been a study group leader, as well as serving with Summit Kids and Summit Youth through the years. The Mann family has been attending Summit since 1996.

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7