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Spring 2018 brings some new opportunities for our youth!

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Leading Students to Follow Christ

This happens through a three-step process:


Challenging ourselves to grow in our relationship with Christ and our knowledge of how God works in our lives.


Through fellowship and relationships, we do life together, encouraging others and taking care of our brothers and sisters.


Jesus was a servant and calls us to be the same. We put others' needs ahead of our own by giving time and resources to each other, our community, and beyond.

Join us for Sunday morning worship at 9:00AM or 10:45AM

& Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00PM

The Black Letters of Jesus

A lot of studies focus on Jesus' words- the red letters of Scripture. But what would it look like if we focused on his actions- the black letters? The Black Letters of Jesus is a yearlong curriculum based on the things Jesus did while he was here on earth. Some themes may be familiar and some will allow students to see Jesus in a new way. Our desire is to have students fall in love with Jesus, and then share that love with others as part of our vision of a discipleship culture. 

Jesus had many conversations while he was here on earth. We get to read about several of those. The next three weeks we will look at the life change Jesus offered to those he spoke with: a tax collector, a prostitute, and the one who disowned him, Peter. 

Part 10- Life Changing Conversations

   - Who's First?

   - Family

   - Alone with God

   - Pray

   - Famous Last Words

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Small Groups

In order to better serve the students of Summit Church, we are giving those who are interested an opportunity to plug into a small group outside of Summit Youth Midweek. The purpose of these Small Groups is to dive a little deeper into the Word of God and discuss questions in a group setting.

Small Groups begin April 22-June 3 (excluding Mother's Day), from 6:30-8PM.

Drop-Off starts at 6PM. Locations vary depending on group.

The groups that are available are: 

  • High School Girls
  • High School Boys
  • Middle School Girls
  • Middle School Boys

The Small Group Leaders are trained adults who attend Summit Church and have experience in our student ministry. We appreciate their heart in ministry and are excited to see how they will continue to lead students to follow Christ!

For more information, please email Pastor Chuck or Andrea.

check out our UPCOMING events!

  • Current Series - Solo jesus

    We all have stuff to get done. Some things are have-tos, and others are want-tos. We can get so busy we just fall exhausted into bed at night only to get up the next day to accomplish more. When Jesus was here on earth, he definitely had a lot to get done before he returned to the Father. This series will look at how he handled it all... 

  • summit youth Small Groups

    Small Groups will meet for 7 weeks on Sunday evenings from April 22 - June 3 (we will not meet on mothers day). For more information, click HERE for our Spring & Summer Update Letter! Summit Youth Midweek will remain on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8PM. 

  • Summer kick off - June 13

    Join us as we kick off the summer with an Instascavenger Hunt on Wednesday, June 13 at 6:30PM! Bring your friends, eat some pizza, and see how many of our wild challenges your team can accomplish. Winning team receives a Summer Survival Kit! 

Summit youth

During the school year the students that make up Summit Youth are encouraged to join us in our Worship Celebrations on Sunday morning; at 9:00AM or 10:45AM. We also gather on Wednesdays at Summit Church from 6:30PM - 8:30PM. All High School and Middle School students are welcome! After an initial gathering time... the HS and MS divide for biblical teaching and small groups.

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