Why do we value groups?

A Church is a community of people who are intentionally seeking and following Jesus Christ together. While every person is on his or her own spiritual journey, at Summit Church, we believe that you will grow in your relationship with God to the greatest extent when you are connected to other believers.

This is why Summit Church values groups. A group is collective of people that grow and are held together by some type of unifying goal. It could be healing from past pain or walking through a challenging season of life. It could be a common desire to study scripture or to go deeper in your understanding of a sermon from Sunday morning. Whatever the goal, Groups are a tool we use to deliberately focus on meaningful and spiritually-refining relationships. We believe face-to-face interaction is vital in living an abundant life as each and every person becomes more like Jesus Christ.

Bottom line: You should be in a group.

How do I join a group?

You’ll see below that there are many groups to join at Summit Church. However, not all of them are active all year. Some are seasonal and some are cyclical. Sometimes the group makeup will shift and change, sometimes groups stay the same for multiple years. 

To find more information or to register for a group, click the link next to the group you are interested in. If a group doesn’t have a link, it may be that the group is currently full, or is not currently meeting. Keep checking back for new openings! If you have any other questions, email info@summitniles.com

  • The New Testament is filled with wonderful accounts of God's mercy, as shown through Christ. Sometimes, we can feel like this isn't the God we see in the Old Testament, that somehow His character has shifted. This couldn't be further from the truth. God's love, compassion and mercy are evident in the whole of His Word. Exploring many accounts of God's mercy throughout the Old Testament, this class will help you understand that our merciful God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This 3-week class begins July 7 and is led by Gary Blank. Register HERE

  • Have you ever desired to ask someone if they would like to believe in Jesus, but didn't feel like you knew how? This class is for you. The Christian faith is a "Go and Tell" faith. We are to be living out our faith for our neighbors to see, but we should also be speaking out our faith so our neighbors can know the truth of the Gospel. This class will help you understand how to tell someone the Good News and walk them through a confession of faith. This 2-week class, led by Alan Mock, begins June 23 at 9AM in Meeting Room A. This class has reached capacity and registration is now closed. 

  • Bible Basics is an 11-week class that helps us understand why we believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and what that means for our lives. We will look at the makeup of the Bible, its writing styles, its purpose, and history. This class will include an overview of different translations, the two “testaments,” and the covenants of the Bible. This class will require some time investment with reading assignments and some "homework." Hosted by Tim Fletcher Sr, Bible Basics begins May 19 at 9AM in Meeting Room B. You can still  register HERE!

  • Financial Peace University is a 10 week class that is geared to teach you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt, spend wisely, and invest for your future. Join us as we learn basic money principles to help us get our finances back on track. Class runs April 22 through June 24. 

  • Join men in the Summit Church Gathering Area for early morning discussion and study before heading off to work on Wednesdays from 6-7AM. There is no need to register for this group, grab your bible and join us! 

  • This group meets Tuesdays from 8-9AM in the Worship Center at Summit Church. We will learn to pray, seeking intimacy with The Lord together. Bring your bible! There is no childcare for this group, and they do not meet on holiday weeks.

  • Many men who struggle with sexual brokenness try to go it alone and believe the lie that sexual brokenness is about sex; when really, it’s about medicating pain in their lives. Despite losses—marriage, ministry, relationships, and more—they continue to return to unwanted sexual behaviors. Through "Seven Pillars," you will begin your recovery from unwanted sexual behavior with a trusted group of men on the same journey. For more info and to check out upcoming groups, email Pastor Chuck HERE.

  • If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before. However, there are people who understand and will meet you in that space. 

    GriefShare groups meet to help you face these challenges and move towards a "new normal." Each GriefShare session has three distinct elements: video seminars with experts, support group discussion, and personal study. A GriefShare group is forming now at Summit, led by Lacey Burns-Oorjitham and Meredith Schoeller. If you are interested in upcoming meetings, please email info@summitniles.com

  • Young Adults, led by Trever and Anna Harmon, consists of college students, singles, and newly married couples that are past high school age. They typically meet on Sunday evenings to study scripture and walk through the meaningful transition that is young adulthood. They are currently working through the book "Gentle and Lowly." Want to join? Email Trever and Anna for more details HERE

  • Life Groups are comprised of 8-12 people who meet at least two times per month to grow together, learning what it means to follow Christ in a relationally-refining environment. Typically, Life Groups are centered around sermon-based discussion. We are continually working at building out new life groups, so if you are interested in facilitating or joining a group, fill out this FORM

  • JOY Group meets during the school year and provides an opportunity for those with cognitive impairment to experience a worship service designed just for them. It is a group within the Special Friends Ministry at Summit Church. Register participants HERE or Volunteer HERE.

  • The goal and purpose of this group is to offer support and community during this difficult season and to walk you through divorce with Christ by your side. This is a group for those who have already been through a DivorceCare season, or whose lives have been affected by divorce and who need to talk to people who understand. This group is led by Mike & Meredith Schoeller and Mandy Jankoviak and meets relationally. For more information email info@summitniles.com.