Life Is Better Together


A church is a community of people who are intentionally seeking and following Jesus Christ. And while every person is on his or her own spiritual journey, at Summit Church, we believe life is better together. Developing deep connections with others is an essential part of being human, and Groups are a tool we use to deliberately focus on meaningful and refining relationships. We believe face-to-face interaction is vital in living an abundant life as each and every person becomes more like Jesus Christ.

Life Groups

Join a Life Group

At Summit Church, Life Groups are comprised of about 12 people who meet at least two times per month for 12 months. These are not Bible studies, prayer meetings, support groups or social clubs. While there are elements of each of those, Life Groups are places intentionally designed for people to grow together, learning what it means to follow Christ in a relationally-refining environment. 

There are many people at Summit Church desiring to connect in smaller communities and develop deeper relationships. Having deeper relationships with others is an essential part of being human. Life Groups are a tool that we intentionally use to help "Lead People to Follow Christ," so that each member is fully equipped to go "Be the Church in the World."