Ministry expansion project

Our growing church is currently in the planning and evaluation process of a ministry expansion project. Over the next few months, we will work with a consulting company to determine what kind of facility expansion is feasible based on our fundraising capabilities and our growing ministry needs.

Vision Sunday

On Sunday, November 5, we celebrated what God has done through Summit Church and we shared a prayerfully-considered plan of where God is leading us in the days ahead. 

Nine years ago, we moved into our current building. Since that time, God has been working in spectacular ways. The Gospel is being preached, people are being saved and baptized, marriages are being restored, students are being discipled and kids are growing in their faith. Our church has doubled in size! This growth has created a need to make room for continual discipleship.

If you would like to watch the vision presentation, you can download our Summit App or email us or call our office at 269-683-9245. 

Check out our FAQ document based on feedback from our congregation.